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Welcome to my Motor Cruising Diaries
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     Wilhelm  'Willi'  Hartl

This website is about my boating hobby, in particular sharing my Mediterranean cruise logs and further experience regarding yachting and boats.
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Motor Yacht 'Tarilian'

From 2010, having released the time constraints of full-time employment, my partner Jane and I started getting serious with our own motor boat.

In 2011, c
ruising on our own steam from Falmouth to the Med along the Atlantic coast, via Gibraltar and towards the Balearic islands;
in 2012, across the Mediterranean sea, taking in the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and round the Italian heel to the Adriatic sea and Croatia.
The story of our voyage from Cornwall to the Adriatic sea unfolds on page 2010-2012 Falmouth to the Med

Since 2013 Tarilian has been based in Croatia as our 'summer resort'. The numerous Dalmatian islands have been a rewarding and seemingly inexhaustable cruising ground.
Read about our boating experience in Croatia,and beyond, on pages 2013-2018 Adriatic Cruises and 2019 Adriatic boating.

Full details about my boat, our experience and customization, are on page Tarilian - Trader 535

Our Med cruises on chartered boats in the years before

From 2000 to 2010 Jane and I had been
chartering motor boats (bareboat) in Croatia, and in some years in Greece and Turkey, too.

In September 2008 we cruised the Šibenik archipelago and the Kornati islands.  Our trip in June 2009 took us through the South Dalmatian islands, and included a visit to Dubrovnik - one of our several visits before the time mass tourism had taken it over.

In June 2010 we went though the Kornati to the Central Dalmatian islands of Dugi Otok and Molat, and back via Zadar and its offshore islands.
The logs of those trips are fond memories, but tourism development has unfortunately changed coastal Croatia a lot since.

As a bit of personal boating history,
I look back to the experience of our first trip in post-war Croatia in 2000, to the islands south of Split.

About me

I am from Austria; from my native town of Vienna I moved to the UK in 1994. I live with my partner, Jane, in West London.
I support the RYA, RLNI and the Cruising Association (CA), and am also a member of the RCYC.

I like "messing in (motor) boats" and enjoy coastal cruising in the UK and - even more so - in warmer climes. To me, boat ownership is a complex and demanding hobby, and a great pastime. Getting afloat means to me getting into nature and escape from daily grind. As a cruising boater, I enjoy the freedom and liberty to roam, as a couple and, sometimes, with friends.

Nautical interest did not start early in my life:
Living in a land-locked country I first got interested in sailing on inland waters when I was 32. During my first sailing trips at sea I did not feel comfortable. It was years later, living in the UK, where I acquired some confidence and finally bought my first small boat in 1998.